What is cocane?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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my favorite thing in the world

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Q: What is cocane?
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How addictive is cocane?


What is the recipe for coke?

its cocane and terd

What is killerania?

A drug contaning cocane ,nicotine,and tobacco

What is the most addicting drug?

meth and crack cocane

What does crack cocane smell like when lit?


What was Gandhi's medical conditions?

gandhi had a big udiction to cocane

How did chief Josephs daughter die?

with cocane and drugs

Is cocane medical?

no because wat cocane does it makes u rly crazy i watch a lot of medical shows and as far as i know the only illegal drug that is used for medical purpose is marijuana

How far back can a urine test detect cocane?

72 hours

What type of precipitation falls at 0 Celsius?

HINT its a slang term for cocane.

How drugs affects the respiratory rate?

because somking crack or cocane is bad

Is there aspirin in cocane?

Although it is not in it to begin with, cocain can be cut with a variety of things including aspirin.