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Q: What is a womens normal iron level?
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What are normal iron lev?

My iron level is 5. Is that normal

Differentiate between the terms negative iron balance latent iron deficiency iron deficient erythropoiesis and iron deficiency anaemia?

Iron deficiency is body iron stores below the normal level as reflected by serum ferritin level of less than 12 ng/ ml, while iron deficient erythropoiesis mean that erythrocytes are produced deficient in iron or hypochromic. and iron deficiency anemia is the final step of uncorrected iron deficiency that is overt iron deficiency manifested by decreased hemoglobin level below normal (females < 12 g/dl, males < 14 g/ dl)

Is it good if your iron level in the blood is 15.5?

I believe your hemoglobin level which is basically ur iron level is above normal even for a man rather than a womans at 11.0 so i assume that ur iron level is good..... Or might be too high.. Talk to your doctor orrr get one.

Where is the Illinois Womens Military And Civil in Normal Illinois located?

The address of the Illinois Womens Military And Civil is: 2 Dial Court, Normal, IL 61761-1626

What is normal iron level for 46 year old female?

For men of that age, a perfectly normal level is anywhere between 75 to 175 μg/dL. (Iron levels in men peak around age 30, and then they tend to remain fairly steady until around age 70.) Cheers!

Is 47 an ok measure of ferritin levels?

Usually, yes. Most labs list about 10-300 as the normal ferritin level. Inflammation can raise the level even if the iron is low so it is helpful to also check iron and TIBC (total iron binding capacity).

What is the normal level of transferritin mine was 73 this is my backup iron?

Ferritin level tells the amount of iron in your blood. Ferritin is stored in red blood cells, so I guess you could call it "backup iron." Male: 12-300 ng/mL Female: 12-150 ng/mL That's a big range, so your physician may want to supplement your iron even though it's within the normal range.

Is 90 a low iron level for a 41 year old female?

Well usually normal blood iron level is said to be at 60 to 170 mcg/dl(Microgram/deciliter). On average and it is well known that women have slightly lower iron levels. So 90 is quite good and for you dear.

What is normal iron for a child your sons is thirty-five and the Dr said that hes very anemic he is now on iron supplement everyday no one knows why?

The normal iron level your son that is 35 years old should be between 12 and 15.5 g of hemoglobin per deciliter of blood. It is uncommon for a Dr. to recommend an iron supplement everyday for a person that is anemic.

Normal iron count in blood?

It depends on whether you are male or female and also varies by the "normal" range for the lab where blood is drawn. If you have a lab report it should show both what your level is and what the "normal range" for that lab is for your gender.

what is the normal level?

what is the normal sugar level

Is 220 a high iron level?

Yes, it is a very high iron level.