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a rebound in a relationship is when u have someone to go out with rite after u det dumped or break up with the person ur with

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Q: What is a rebound in a relationship?
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What does rebound guy mean?

Recently out of a relationship & on the rebound.

Can a rebound relationship also be defined as one entered into by the person who ended the prior relationship or does the term just apply to the person who was rejected?

A rebound relationship can be either person.

Will he last in his rebound relationship if he really loves me?

no his relationship wont last!

Are you a rebound?

if you feel that a person is with you because they came out of a relationship, and know that you'll say "yes", then you're a rebound

Word for new relationship right after end of a long relationship?

Rebound and they rarely last, except for mine.

Your ex is marrying his rebound relationship?

more details are needed to make an accurate answer.

How do you change from being a rebound to a real relationship?

stop sleeping with random people!!!

How do you avoid rebound relationships?

That depends on whether you're on the rebound and trying to avoid new relationships, or you don't want to be a rebound relationship. If you've recently broken up with someone and want to avoid jumping into another relationship you need to remember to stay strong and understand that you need time and space to heal. Yes, having someone there right away may feel good and right, but that could be because you're used to having someone there all the time. Just relax and take your time when looking for/ entering a new relationship. If you don't want to be a rebound relationship, and someone who is on the rebound is interested in you, you should make it clear to them that you don't want to be a rebound, and that if you want a relationship with them, then you should wait a little bit to make sure this is what both people want. Don't rush into things. Take our time.

What is the word for the temporary relationship that many men have between a divorce and a lasting new relationship?

Could be rebound, transitional, fling or even lonely.

When was Love on the Rebound created?

"Love on the Rebound" is a phrase that originated in the English language, and it does not refer to a specific creation or artwork. It is commonly used to describe a person who quickly enters into a new romantic relationship after the end of a previous one.

Are men more likely to get involved in a rebound relationship than women?

I would say its 50/50.

How do you go about winning your ex back if she is in a rebound relationship?

don't make another person cheat..plain and simple.