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Recently out of a relationship & on the rebound.

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Q: What does rebound guy mean?
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What does it mean when a guy likes you but still has feelings for his ex does he really like you or are you the rebound?

Yuo are the rebound . If he still has feelings for his ex you are definatley the rebound .

What is a rebound boyfriend?

A rebound boyfriend is where a girl and a guy break up and the girl gose out and gets anothe rboyfriend that she dnt really like, and she acts like it be she dont mean anything that she dose so there for hes a rebound... ]

What actors and actresses appeared in Rebound Guy - 2001?

The cast of Rebound Guy - 2001 includes: Elisa Donovan as Alexandra Robin Johnstone as Heather Shane Nickerson as Phil

What does rebound mean associated with suspension?

Rebound: refers to the expansion of the spring/shock after it has been compressed from going over bumps.

What do you do if the guy you are trying to let heal is distancing himself from youdoes it mean that he doesn't love you back?

It may mean he is not interested in you and really wasn't (unfortunately) as you may have been a rebound. Give him his space and if he is gone then is was just not meant to be.

Started seeing this guy for a couple months things were going so well then he suddenly got scared and said he's not ready we should be friends Was it more or were you just the rebound?


Just met this guy a week ago he really liked my friend but he says hes over her we talk everyday and hes rlly sweet and funny and compliments me a lot does he like me or am I just a rebound?

I would say that the guy would be using you as a rebound. I would never date a guy that just broke up with someone.

How long do rebounds last?

It all really depends my friend.Mostly on the girl and the guy the rebound is for.If you are the rebound you really have to be careful!Ask the girl constantly why she got with you and tell her to pinky promise(It really works in most situations).If u want a general answer, they dont last very long at all im afraid.I've been through these many times and they always go back to the same guy.If you are REALLY sure that you are the rebound you can always say no and scold her for you being the rebound guy.

If a guy just came out of a relationship which had been rocky for about six months would going straight into another relationship always mean he was on the rebound?

yes unless he had cheated on the previous girlfriend with the current one.

What does it mean when she replied your regards with rebound?

It means she sends her regards to you too.

Do women ever miss the rebound guy?

It depends. If they were kindof interested. You never know. Me personally...yeah i do sometimes.

If you dated a guy for two yrs and then he returns to his ex-girlfriend were you are rebound?

Rebounds don't generally last for that length of time.