What is a pro-drug?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A pro-drug is a pharmacological inactive compound which becomes active through metabolism.

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Q: What is a pro-drug?
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What prodrug is activated by colonic bacteria when given orally?

Balsalazide-azo-bonded prodrug, activated by bacteria in the colon

What is methyl phenobarbital?

Prodrug for Phenobarbital.

What is prodrug?

A prodrug is a drug that is inactive when you take it (when it is administered), but then becomes active once your body starts to break it down (usually through metabolism). Stimulant simply refers to a class of drug. The opposite would be a non-stimulant. However, it is a different adjective describing the drug and is not part of "prodrug". That is, to be clear, the drug you're looking at is both a stimulant and a prodrug.

What is a compound word that includes drug?

drugstore prodrug

How can the hydrolysis rate of prodrugs be accelerated?

If the base hydrolysis mechanism is important, an electron withdrawing group can be attached to the prodrug. If the acid hydrolysis mechanism is important, an electron donating group can be attacked to the prodrug.

What are the benefits of a prodrug?

A prodrug actually has several biopharmaceutical benifits. First of all, it is important to understand the definition of a prodrug. A prodrug is a drug that is taken inactive, and through natural metabolic processes becomes active. One benifit is that a prodrug formulation actually increases the bioavailability of the drug. This means that if a drug is poorly absorbed by the body, a prodrug formulation of it can actually increase the amount of drug brought into the circulatory system (By making less polar/ionized). Next, this formulation can act as a vehicle to bring the drugs to specific areas of the body for usage. Drugs that need to pass the blood brain barrier for CNS affects can use a very lipid soluble vehicle bound to it to allow it to cross the barrier. Once the drugs gets to its target site, it is broken down by specific metabolic processes that present the active drug. Furthermore, a mutual prodrug is when both componants give pharmacotherapeutic affect. The Vigabatrin (GABA deaminase inhibitor), GABA (inhibbitory neurotransmitter), Fatty acyl ester (very lipid soluble) prodrug combination is a mutual prodrug in which the Vehicle takes the drug to the brain, the vigabatrin blocks the breakdown of GABA, and GABA is released. This prodrug is a treatment of Parkinsons disease as it increases the inhibition of the tremors and erratic movements associated with it. Finally, it also gives less side effects. Because of increased specificity (due to the fact only certain metabolic processes break down the prodrug, releasing its active componants at specific sites) their are a reduced amount of side effects. Hope this helps

Which drug is a prodrug that is activated by colonic bacteria when given orally?


Will vyvance show up on a drug screen as an amphetamine?

Yes. It is a prodrug of an amphetamine.