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The best way of relieving stress is exercise. The more demanding the exercise, the more stress you will relieve and the more tired you will be. This will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Q: What is a good way to relax and de-stress so that you can get more sleep?
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What can you do to get more sleep?

Relax your mind and body. Do technique and make a routine so that its not hard for you to get sleep when you wanted.

Asthma attacks and other lung related illnesses become more severe at night during sleep?

sometimes they do but sleep s good for asma so just try and relax if you expieriencee this

What might a psychologist encourage a client to do?

talk about it, relax, sleep more, cry, take medication

How can I sleep more peacefully?

Listen to rain or wind sounds and relax as if you were not in a big city: @relaxingmediaelements on

Do lung related illnesses such as asthma become more severe at night?

sometimes but its often just because you have more time to think about it and then its not asthma at all just try to relax because sleep is good for asma

Does lack of vitamins darken eyes?

Maybe, but try getting more sleep and if you are stressed try to relax.

How can someone have more time to relax?

Someone can find more time to relax by finishing up their responsibilities early. Thereby they will have extra time to relax. It's good for everyone to find some time to relax.

Why does a boy need more vitamin B than girls?

boys are more violent than girls and vitamins help destress them

When you sleep does your back relax and make you taller?

well if you have a sore back it will get more better and you will get a little taller so think that's a YES!

The more you sleep the more sleep you want?

The more you sleep the more sleep you want is not necessarily true. As long you get eight hours of sleep every day your body will work just fine. Sleeping more or less than eight hours for prolonged period of times is not good for the body.

How might depression affect your sleep?

It gets you focus on the depression so you're more worried about your depression than your sleep. Being depress doesn't get you relax to the point where you can't sleep. Sometimes it may take several hours to fall into sleep. You might notice that your eyes are squinting or your eyebrows are shaped like your mad.

Do homeschooled students have less hours of school then public schools?

Yes, some people or only at school for a couple of hours then they are done....they have more time to read, play, sleep and do other hobbies such as drawing. or maybe they can do nothing and relax which is good every once in a while