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a good dare question could be have you ever had sex before and wat did it feel like.

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Q: What is a good dare question to give someone of the opposite sex?
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How do you play strip truth or dare?

basically you play truth or dare normally but if they refuse the dare or tell the truth then they have to take of an item of clothing

What are some sexy dares for truth or dare for girls on girls?

CHECK THIS SITE a girl to have someone else to give her a wedgie.

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It is called a response.

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I have a few answers 1.Play truth or dare and dare your friend to wedgie you or give your friend a wedgie or dare your friend to give someone else a wedgie and then theyll probably give you one back 2.You play a game say the loser get a wedgie [make sure you lose] 3.just ask GOOD Luck and thank you

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Singular: Noli dare! Plural: Nolite dare!

How do you give a love note to a guy without embarresment?

Give the note to him and he if he laughs or embarrasses you, tell him it was a dare and laugh. Any guy who laughs at someone who likes him is not worth it:D

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what is the answer for answers?

its a respond u give to someone the has asked a question

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"The opposite of slag, actually. 'Cause I really don't give a F."

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