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Truth - Tell the truth answering a question e.g. "who is your boyfriend/girlfriend" Dare - Complete a dare e.g. take off some clothes or say something embarrassing in public. Double Dare - Same as Dare except the person daring you has to do it too Love - You are given a deadline and have to progress that far in a relationship. For example, it might be to just flirt if you don't have a girl/boyfriend, or it might be have a first kiss. Kiss - Kiss someone or something in the room e.g. someone's foot or a rubbish bin Promise - Promise to do a dare that can't be done at the time e.g. kiss your boy/girlfriend

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You pick one and tell someone to ask you to do something

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Q: How do you play truth dare double dare love kiss promise?
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How do you play truth dare double dare kiss love pash promise torture?

Truth - ask the person a question which they must answer truthfully Dare - dare a person to do something of your choice Double dare - read above but you and that person must do it Kiss - the person chooses someone that they want to kiss and where Pash - a open mouth kiss using tongue Torture - you torture the person by various things (non painful) examples are tickling them.

You are playing truth dare double-dare kiss love or torture with a boy you know and you are playing just the two of you and he picks kiss does that mean he likes you?

Maybe, but it may just mean he'd rather kiss you then her.

Truth dare double dare torture kiss promise i need good maybe a bit naughty dares?

fly to Norway and find a man. Then proceed to ask him if he'll have your illegitimate children. If you are then thrown into jail, blame the midget next to you. NO i am not wasteing mony on stupid stuff like that ;\

What are the ratings and certificates for Kiss Shot Truth or Dare - 2013?

Kiss Shot Truth or Dare - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15 (original rating)

How do you tell a guy you want to kiss him without saying it?

Get in a group and play truth or dare and get one of your friends to dare him to kiss you.

How can I start a situation where you we have to kiss others in the game truth or dare?

You could play truth or dare and make a rule where everyone has to take a dare so many times in the game and then dare a person to kiss you or someone else! Good Luck!

What are good truth or dare truth questions beitng asked by a girl to a guy?

If you like them, dare them to blindfold them selves and kiss them and make them guess who it was.

How can you get a cute boy to kiss you without asking?

Try playing the game truth or dare and tell one of your friends to dare the cute guy to kiss you. If he keeps on choosing truth, then try it the other way around- you'll have to kiss him.

What is the next book after mates dates and sizzerling summers?

There isn't one after that, but the story sort of continues in the Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise series. It's Book 8, All Mates Together.

How do you play strip truth or dare?

basically you play truth or dare normally but if they refuse the dare or tell the truth then they have to take of an item of clothing

What actors and actresses appeared in Kiss Shot Truth or Dare - 2013?

The cast of Kiss Shot Truth or Dare - 2013 includes: Ruby Kammer as Vodka Girl Rebecca Lee Berger as Macy Jamal Noland as Patrick

Should you kiss your boyfriend in public?

It depends on how you kiss him, how long it lasts, how old you are, and where you are. Answer If you want to then play truth or dare with your boyfriend and friends.Someone will enventually dare you 2 to kiss. And everyone knows its a good excuse just to get your first kiss in public. Especially if you are shy like me.