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My College level Health Textbook gives two examples of manipulative reinforcers:

Manipulative reinforcers are incentives such as getting a lower rent in exchange for mowing the lawn or the promise of a better grade for doing an extra-credit project.

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Q: What is a example of a manipulative reinforcer?
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What is a good example of a secondary or conditioned reinforcer?


What is a example of a possessional reinforcer?

Lower health insurance rates for nonsmokers is an example of a(n)

Which of these is an example of a secondary reinforcer?

being allowed to watch a tv show

What is a good example of a primary reinforcer?

Food = Hunger, Water = Thirst. Food serves as a primary reinforcer for a hungry rat, and water serves as a primary reinforcer for a thirsty one. Note: A primary reinforcer is any stimulus or event that by its mere delivery or removal acts naturally (without learning). Hope it helped, - Azad Prestek

What is a conditioned reinforcer?

A conditioned reinforcer is a stimulus that has taken on the properties of a reinforcer. When trainers are training dogs, they use the process of a conditioned reinforcer.

What is an example of manipulative skills?

The art of persuasion.

A word of praise is to a delicious meal as a conditioned reinforcer is to _____.?

a primary reinforcer

What is a primary reinforcer?

The response of drinking water when you are thirsty. The water can be referred to as a "primary reinforcer".

A stimulus that acquires reinforcing power by association with a primary reinforcer is called?

conditioned reinforcer

What is manipulating movement?

Manipulative movement is movement that is controlled or coerced by something. The ability to handle an object in your hands is an example of manipulative movement.

What is an example of manipulative movement?

Some examples of manipulative movements are strike, catch, throw. Basically anything that involves another object.

Escape from an aversive stimulus is a reinforcer?

Negative reinforcement