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what could a brown spot be under the tongue what could a brown spot be under the tongue

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Q: What is a brown spot under your tongue?
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What are the dark spots under your tongue?

i have found an elevated brown spot under the right side of my tongue should I worry.

What is the white spot under tongue?

A white spot under the tongue should be looked at by a doctor to see if it is a problem. This may be a skin condition or a side effect from an illness or fever.

Why do you have brown spots on your tongue?

I was wondering why i have brown spots on my tongue?

How do you find Eve in meadow zone?

you eat chipmunk darcy who is under the rock with a brown spot on the left

How do you spot a fake converse?

One way to spot a fake Converse is to notice the tongue of the shoe. If the tongue of the shoe does not have the Converse trademark on it, it is a fake Converse.

What causes the tongue to turn brown?

Having to many sodas, honey, malasses ,or brown rice and maple syrup causes a brown tongue.

Are dogs with a spot on their tongue are pure or mixed?


What cause your tongue is brown when you wake up?

Depends where your tongue has been

What are dark brown spots on tongue?

Brown spots on your tongue can occur for a number of reasons. It can be a fungus from tobacco or oral cancer.

If you have brown spots on your tongue what does that mean?

My dentist noticed I had brown spots on my tongue. Pictures were taken and i was asked to return in 2 weeks. What do the brown spots indicate?

What is this white ring under your tongue?

I don't have a white ring under my tongue.

Black spot on the tip of my tongue that is raised a little what is it?

it is pigmentation it usually occurs on coloured peoples tongue

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