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what could a brown spot be under the tongue what could a brown spot be under the tongue

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My dentist noticed I had brown spots on my tongue. Pictures were taken and i was asked to return in 2 weeks. What do the brown spots indicate?

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a birth mark

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Q: If you have brown spots on your tongue what does that mean?
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What are brown spots on tongue?

Brown spots on your tongue can occur for a number of reasons. It can be a fungus from tobacco or oral cancer.

Can allergies cause brown spots on back of tongue?

no brown spots on the back of the tongue shows that u are going to die in a day other signs are blocked up throats

What can you do to remove brown spots off your tongue?

Scrub with a toothbursh or get a specialist tongue cleaner. Depending on the nature of the spots on the tongue, it can indicate poor general health or infections like Syphilis.

If your mixed breed dog has blue spots on her tongue mean she might be part chow chow?

probibly my puppy has spots on its tongue and shes part chow and shes fluffy

What causes brown spots on a tongue?

Brown spots on the tongue can be caused by a variety of factors, including smoking, poor oral hygiene, certain medications, or fungal infections. In some cases, brown spots may be due to an underlying health condition such as vitamin deficiency or oral cancer. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the exact cause and appropriate treatment.

Black spots on the tongue?

In simple terms black spots on the tongue is a simple pigmentation, in other words the tongue it is simply colored for reason that can't be explained yet...Black spots on the tongue are common in people of color but has no effect on ones taste and or other capabilities through the use of there tongue thus being harmless however a condition known as hairy tongue is an illness of which comes from taking certain medications such as antibiotics, from smoking and from vitamin deficiency..... if unsure of whether or not you have black spots on your tongue or a hairy tongue condition you should consult your local doctor....below I have also left a link to a site that explains it in further details using scientific words and it also explains the hairy tongue condition in more detail.....

If there are black spots on a dog's tongue does that mean it's a hunting dog?

no that's rubbish

Do brown spots on meat mean it is spoiled?

Brown spots don't necessarily mean meat is spoiled. It could be oxidation from exposure to air or light. But if you doubt its safety, don't use it.

Does a giraffe's tongue have spots on it?

No it does not. A giraffe's tongue is popularly known because it's purplish, long, and flexible. It won't have spots on it.

What does it mean when a lab has a black mouth and gums with a pink tongue with black spots?

i dont know ask your vet

What does lesion mean?

lesions are the black or brown spots present in the tikka disease of a groundnut.

Are giraffes orange with brown spots or brown with orange spots?

Which ever way you look at it you are most likely correct. Usually what i see is they are tan with brown spots.