What is a bitter pill to swallow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A bitter pill to swallow is something unpleasant which must be accepted or endured.

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Q: What is a bitter pill to swallow?
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What is a bitter pill?

A bitter pill is another term for a bitter pill to swallow, something unpleasant which must be accepted or endured.

What does an idiom 'bitter pill to swallow' mean?

A bitter pill to swallow means something that is unpleasant, but true or important to hear. Medicine has a reputation for tasting bad, but you take it to get better. It is unpleasant but helpful. "It was a bitter pill to swallow when Jane was told that her son was a bully."

Where should you place a bitter pill on your tongue so that you can swallow it with water without getting an after taste?

Place a bitter pill at the tip of the tongue to prevent tasting most of the bitterness. as back of the tongue can taste bitter but tip and sides of the tongue cannot taste bitter.

What has the author Sharon Bayton written?

Sharon Bayton has written: 'Planning gain, sweetener or bitter pill to swallow?'

What is the metaphor for harsh?

The metaphor for "harsh" could be "a bitter pill to swallow," implying something difficult to accept or endure.

Why do people Believe a lie before they believe the truth?

Because a lie is easier to accept than the truth. The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow!

When was The Bitter Pill - Warrant song - created?

The Bitter Pill - Warrant song - was created in 1992.

What are different ways to take vicodin if you cant swallow them?

You can crush it and snort it, you can swallow the whole pill, you can crush and swallow the whole pill, or you can filter the acetaminophen out and drink the hydrocodone.

When was Bitter Pill - Siobhan Fahey song - created?

Bitter Pill - Siobhan Fahey song - was created on 2002-10-28.

How is ecstasy applied?

It is a pill that you swallow.

Do water help you swallow a pill or soda?

Personally, I like using water to swallow a pill, but you could use soda I guess...

Can you break open a pill and eat the powder. because im to scred to swallow the pill so i break it open and take the powder stuff out and swallow it down with water..?

It's possible but the powder inside tastes disgusting and will more than likely make you throw up. If you absolutely cannot swallow a pill then try mixing the powder with food or taking it with a spoonfull of yoghurt. Coffee can also help to mask the vile taste but make sure to make it extra bitter just in case! And remember, follow the guidelines on the bottle.