What is Mexican black tar?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is Mexican black tar?
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How is black tar heroin made?

by a combination of marijuana plant and acetone(alcohol) mix together. hence Mexican black tar. its very dangerous and can cause a virus to eat your body like flesh eating type.

What is black tar hash?

Black tar hashish could be either a highly refined form of cannabis resin (hashish) indica "bubble melt" that looks very dark almost black and looks like a clump of bubbles and ooze. This kind of hashish is high in THC concentration almost more than traditional pressed. The other form of black tar you might be confusing this with is not cannabis or hashish but is a cheap form of heroine called "Mexican Black Tar" an opiate extract that is highly potent.

What is black tar?

Black heroin

What is sticky black road surface?

it is called tar

What does tar look like?

its like a black blob

What does tar do 2 your body?

tar provents black stuff on you lungs

Is tar colorless and orderless?

No tar is black and it smells horrid. trust me

What kind of tar do black salamanders eat on runescape?

Harralander Tar

Can you use acetic acid glacial in homebake?

Yes. Your homebake will be more 3,6-mam than 3,6-dam (more like black tar than powder heroin) using g.a.a. Mexican black tar heroin producers actually use g.a.a. instead of acetic anhydride to acetylate morphine.

something black and gooey for fixing roads?


What are the common street names for heroin?

* Dragon * Dope * Heron, Herone, Hero, Hera, H, Big H * White, China White, White Nurse, White Lady, White Horse, White Girl, White Boy, White Stuff * Boy, He * Black, Black Tar, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Eagle * Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Brown Rhine * Chiba, Chiva, Chieva * Mexican Brown, Mexican Mud, Mexican Horse * Junk, Tar * Snow, Snowball * Smack, Scag, Scat, Sack, Skunk * Number 3, Number 4, Number 8