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Just ignore him. He probably hasn't gotten over the brake up yet. :)

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Q: What if your ex is being a jerk after you broke up with him?
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Why does your ex still text you when he broke up with you?

cause he is a jerk && wants to keep hurting you.

Why would an ex want to be friends but then ignore you?

They feel like you are maybe mad at them for braking up with you or maybe they still have not got over you when you broke up with them.

Me and my ex broke up he looks rough?

If you and your ex broke up and he looks rough maybe he is having a hard time with the break up.

What if your ex boyfriend is being a jerk?

he probaly likes another girl than u or he trys to have ur friends come up to you and say its over i have a girlfriend an he becomes a jerk to u

Would you be a jerk if you broke up with your girlfriend?

not if you had a good reason for doing so

I can't stop texting my ex?

It is not clear if you broke up with your ex or if your ex broke up with you. Either way if you are now both broken up you need to accept this and stop texting. What you are doing is harassment.

How do you know if you ex is still into you?

if they broke up with you, move on. If you broke up with them and they flirt with you, flirt with them back

What do i do if my ex boyfriend asked you out again but hes the one who broke up with me and everyone is telling me not to go back out with him including my mom what should i do?

Ask him why did he break up with you if it is a jerk answer then dont because no women in this world should be paired up with jerks unless they want to

Why was your ex boyfriend mean when you broke up?


What is a x boyfriend?

normally spelled ex-boyfriend and its when you dated someone then broke up he is your ex

Can their still be another chance for you and your ex who broke up with you for being tired of hearing rumors?

Yes and no. it really depends on what kind of rumors that he herd.

What do you call someone you date after a breakup?

If you mean by you dated someone, then broke up it's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or just ex. If you mean you dated someone, broke up, and then started dating again its girlfriend or boyfriend.