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If you mean by you dated someone, then broke up it's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or just ex.

If you mean you dated someone, broke up, and then started dating again its girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Q: What do you call someone you date after a breakup?
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What do you call someone you date after a breakup so you are not alone?

your best friend.

What does it mean when an ex says that she doesn't know how to date someone else after a breakup?

She probably wants you back.

How do you breakup with someone on stardom Hollywood?

You add them like you are going to go on a date. Then you have the option to break up

How soon will he be ready to date after a breakup?

If it was a hard breakup, I will give him three months. An easy breakup a week.

Was it the right thing to do to breakup with my bf and go out with someone else then date the original again?

it is ok if you are sure you love the orriginal.

How do you call i girl for a date?

i use a phone to call someone

She gave me her num and when i call her she says she is busy and will call me back and sometime my call but she told her friend to ask me why don't i talk to her but she did call once. does she likes?

chances are , she isn't intereted and you should breakup or def no date her

What is date of breakup day?

21 Feb

What do you call the agreement to meet someone or somewhere?


What do you do if your boyfriend kisses you in a dream after you breakup?

You either do nothing, because you are just trying to get over the breakup, or, you can talk to someone about it because you have breakup anxiety.

What do you call someone who hates to date?

anti-social. someone with committment issues. lame.

Is it okay to not see anyone after a breakup like not even be interested?

Yes, it is ok and actually good because you need to know about yourself before you date someone.