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just give him space if he wants it and if he doesn't come back you know how much of a prick he was :)

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i will say that i miss u 2

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Q: What if your boyfriend wants space?
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Your boyfriend says he wants space and that you are smothering him?

then give him space..

What should you do if your boyfriend wants space?

Follow him around and call him non stop

My boyfriend told me that we need to get away from each other. What does he mean?

I think your boyfriend just wants some space. Maybe he feels pressured in the relationship and he just wants a break from all the pressure. You should talk to him and ask him what wrong.

Why does my boyfriend wants to move out for some space but wants to stay together and says he still loves me?

all he wants is some space. he still loves u and just tell him how you feel. I no u might be upset but that's only natural. just ask him why?? then dump him:)

What should you do Your boyfriend wants to hang out with you all the time and sometimes guilts you into hanging out with him You love him but you need your own space What to do?

tell him

How do you deal with a obessed boyfriend that wants to go every concert?

Tell him you need your space... communication is important. if he loves you he will understand

How can I control my jealousy where my boyfriend won't know when I am and when I'm not jealous over someone or something?

You can always control your jealousy regarding your boyfriend by giving him all the privacy and space he wants.

What if your boyfriend wants to be your boyfriend?

Tell him to erase the space between the two words. Edit: It really depends on how you feel about him. If you share the feelings go for it. if not, find someone to let him know otherwise.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to always wants to be with his friends?

Give him some space at first to see how he handles it if you hang out with your friends more often. He might not even notice that he is neglecting you. If it bothers you enough, tell him to find a balance between you and his friends or you are finding a new boyfriend.

Should you stay with your boyfriend if he wants to be exclusive but never wants to get married?

No because whats a the point of having a boyfriend

What does it mean when your boyfriend wants you to swallow?

It means your boyfriend wants you to perform oral sex on him until he ejaculates in your mouth.

What does it mean when a boyfriend tells a girlfriend you need to rest today?

Your boyfriend could be telling you to rest today because either you are not feeling well; you may have not had enough sleep or he wants some head space of his own.