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Then you probably have a blood clot starting to form in your frontal lobe. I'd advise you to get surgery as soon as you can or you could die.

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Q: What if you hit your temple on the corner of the table but not hard?
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Can you die from hitting your temple too hard?

It obviously depends on how hard you are hit.

Can a football kill you?

That depends on where and how hard it hits you. If it hit one in the temple hard enough, then definitely.

You hit your head on the corner of a file cabinet and your head hurts What will happen to you?

Depends on how hard you hit it.

Do you die right away when you get hit on the temple?

Most probably not. But if you're hit hard enough, it could happen.

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Why does it hurt to push on your temple?

The temple is a pressure point, which if hit hard enough, can cause brain damage and even death. This is because the temple is sort of a route to the brain from the outside.

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Can an elbow by a friend by accident to the temple be deadly?

On accident? Planning to kill your friend? The answer is yes, or at least it 'can' be deadly. It depends on how hard you hit him/her! How hard were you plotting? :D (kidding)