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Depends on how hard you hit it.

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Q: You hit your head on the corner of a file cabinet and your head hurts What will happen to you?
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What is the difference between a cherry file cabinet and a normal file cabinet?

The difference between a cherry file cabinet and a normal file cabinet is the finish of the wood. Cherry file cabinets have a deep brownish-red finish.

3 Drawer File Cabinet?

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What is placed in the file cabinet or substituted for a file when it is removed from a file drawer?


Does Wal-Mart sell a 2 drawer file cabinet?

Yes, Walmart do sell a 2 drawer file cabinet. Walmart has a huge selection of 2 drawer file cabinet, if you would like to see here is a link.

How do you get rid of a bee hive in a file cabinet?

Set fire to the filing cabinet

What is a good price for a large size file cabinet?

A large size file cabinet won't be cheap. The normal price for a large size file cabinet is around the $200-$300 range, and is not for home use, unless you have a home business.

What is the main role for an Office file cabinet?

The main role for an office file cabinet is to hold files. Files can be organized neatly in a cabinet and make it easier to find papers when needed. A cabinet can also reduce clutter in an office.

Where can one buy a rolling file cabinet?

Some of the places that one can buy a rolling file cabinet are Office Depot and Quill. Some of the other retailers where one could purchase a rolling file cabinet are Staples, Ikea, Target and Walmart.

2 Drawer File Cabinet?

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How to Buy a Suitable File Cabinet For Your Business Records?

File cabinets are important, especially for those who have a business. File cabinets are used as storage for business records. Using file cabinets for storage of business records will help with organizing your as well as storing your records. However, it is not just about buying any file cabinet, because there are many different types of file cabinets. To give you an idea, here are some tips on how to buy a suitable file cabinet for your business records: • Measure the area where you intend to place the filing cabinet. Prior to shopping for the file cabinet, you need to know the measurement of the area, so you can purchase a cabinet with the right dimensions. • Make an estimate of the bulk of your business records, so that you can determine the size of the file cabinet that you need. File cabinets have two to five drawers for file storage. You need to know how much data you are going to store in those cabinets and the sizes of the documents that you are going to place in it. This way, you will be able to select the appropriate cabinet for your files. • Since you have measured the area where you intend to place your cabinet, you should also take that in consideration. A lot of people would often use vertical file cabinets and these types of cabinets are often seen in medical offices as well as in legal offices. However, if you want a more traditional file cabinet, you can buy the lateral cabinet. The traditional cabinet is suitable if you have enough space in your office. File cabinets can be purchased at office supply stores and furniture stores. The prices of file cabinets vary depending on the type of material used, the size of the cabinet, and the number of drawers that the file cabinet has.

Do you think its safe to store files in a wood file cabinet during a fire?

It is not safe to store files in a wood file cabinet during a fire. This is because wood burns fast. Therefore, the wood file cabinet would go up in flames.

How can one install a cab file?

A cabinet file, extension .cab, is a compressed archive file. Windows has built-in functions to open or extract the cabinet file but not to install it. A specific command must be entered through the pkgmgr program to install the cab file.