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then you work on your grammar

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Q: What if a man introduce you to his friend and family?
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If you are in a relationship with a woman in 2weeks time you will get married and her graduation day she introduce a married man as a good friend and introduce by name to her family will you end it?

No, don't be too paranoid. Just ask her about him, don't just end things.

Who was mentes in The Odyssey?

family friend of Odysseus's family and the chief man of the Taphians

What are the release dates for Family Matters - 1989 Man's Best Friend 1-13?

Family Matters - 1989 Man's Best Friend 1-13 was released on: USA: 8 January 1990

Who is the best man?

The best man (at a wedding ) is the man next ti the groom , usually a close friend or family member

How do you introduce your family in Sanskrit?

You can introduce your family in Sanskrit by saying "मम परिवारः आर्यः" (mama parivāraḥ āryaḥ), which means "my family is noble."

Do boys have to introduce their girlfriend to extended family?

Boys do not have to bring the girl around to every relative just to introduce her, but if they takes her to a family gathering, they should introduce her to everyone there.

Is being introduced to your boyfriend family sHows level of commitment and that he loves you?

ANSWER:Possibly, and it also shows that this guy is decent and his family value is very decent. When a man who dated a girl and afterwards introduce her to his family, this man grew up in a decent family values and respect. And shows that he do cares for you.

Does a girlfriend introduce her boyfriend to her family first or the boyfriend introduces to his family first?

I think that the girlfriend should definitely introduce her boyfriend to her family first.

Who introduce the paper chromatography in the biological research?

well mr friend, YOU introduce the paper because you are writing it

How do you introduce your girlfriend to your dad?

this is my girl friend dad

When should a man introduce you to his mother?

Whenever you two feel like it is ready for you to introduce him.

Is it proper to introduce someone as your best friend to your new friends?

i would say no because u dont want to pick favorites or someones feelings could get hurt You can, however, introduce your friend, just don't refer to this person as your best friend. "This is my friend Bert."