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I think that the girlfriend should definitely introduce her boyfriend to her family first.

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Q: Does a girlfriend introduce her boyfriend to her family first or the boyfriend introduces to his family first?
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Do boys have to introduce their girlfriend to extended family?

Boys do not have to bring the girl around to every relative just to introduce her, but if they takes her to a family gathering, they should introduce her to everyone there.

What if a family member introduces your ex boyfriend to new girlfriend?

'Ex' means the relationship is over and both of you should have gone your separate ways. He is free to date who he wants and so are you. However, it is unfortunate it is a family member that introduced him to his new girlfriend, but chin up! You'll meet the right person that should be in your life.

Why is my family so annoyed that i do not have a girlfriend?

Tell them you have a boyfriend, see if they care about you not having a girlfriend.

What are some signs if my boyfriend is ashamed of me?

Won't be seen with you in public; won't introduce you to his family.

Why would a ex girlfriend want to live real close to her ex boyfriend when her friends and family are not from that area?

It means the ex boyfriend still likes the ex girlfriend.

Who does Olivia Holt live with?

lives with family and visits boyfriend and I want to be her girlfriend

Why many teens have family problem?

because they always mind there boyfriend or girlfriend

How can you sustain your harmonious relationship with your family?

Communication is key to every relationship, with family, boyfriend & girlfriend, friends, etc.

Is natalya married to Tyson kidd?

Not married, but they are boyfriend/girlfriend.

What do you do when your girlfriend still talks to her ex-boyfriend's family and now wants you to meet them?

Kill the ex bf

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend eventhough he has a baby?

if you really love him then let him be happy and live with his family

Does your boyfriend love you if he brings you around his mother all the time and introduces your family to his family?

Can't say that's its love, but it could mean that he cares enough about you to bring you around his family. Take this as a good thing if you want to stay in the relationship.