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Martha Stewart

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Q: What happy homemaker says its a good thing?
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Your boyfriend says you always talk about sex so how im i suppose to stop?

this is not a problem. he should be happy. this is a good thing.

What does it mean when he says you are happy and everything is good with us?

It means he is happy and everything is good with you.... ...

What does it mean when your bf says you make me feel so happy?

that's a good thing. that means he's honest with you.........your lucky to have a guy like that!!!!

When a guy says you have a fat butt what does that mean?

it means exactly what is says, that you have a fat butt. its a good thing, because most guys like big butts. so be happy!! i wish i was you ; )

When a guy you like says he will never hurt you intentionally what does it mean is that a good thing?

Answer Yes, that is a good thing.

What do you say when a guy says What is good with you?

he is asking if you are happy the way things are in general

When a guy says Nice to hear from you?

He's being sarcastic ---------------------------- Or just normally/politely pleasant, don't read anything into it. It could mean he is really happy to hear from you! My interest says that to me all the time and he also says hope to hear from you soon. It's a good thing!

Is it good when a girl says you make them laugh and that you're cute?

my opinion is that it is a good thing

What does it mean when a girls says its everything except you?

not usually a good thing

What is a uplift?

When someone says that you uplift them it means you put them in good spirits. This is a very good thing.

What does it mean if someone says I hate you and you'll never amount to anything?

It probably says more about the person saying it than about you. A happy settled person would not think or say such a thing!

Who is the black woman in the commercial who says... we're going to be very very good friends?

No she says we're going to be very very happy together