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Yes, that is a good thing.

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Q: When a guy you like says he will never hurt you intentionally what does it mean is that a good thing?
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What does intentionally mean?

to do something intentionally is to do it on purpose, to mean to do it - for example 'I hurt you intentionally'

Is it illegal for a teacher to intentionally hurt a student in Wisconsin?

Yes. It is illegal for anyone to intentionally hurt a child anywhere in the US.

What can you do to hurt yourself painfully?

you never want to hurt yourself, its not good for you no matter what the reason or cost.

Is love a good thing?

Love is a good thing because you love a special person. LOVE is a great thing but you hurt a lot before you find the real thing.

Do parents try to hurt your feelings?

Not intentionally.

What is your personalities?

be a good person for others, never expect much from others,but never hurt those who expect from you...... in this way you can be a good person

How can a blizzard hurt people?

Well, you can freeze to death, which is never a good time.

How do you tell a person that you hurt that you love them?

by telling them that you don't feel right and you just want to be friends or you can right a letter and go to dinner Answer You can tell them something like, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I love you and would never intentionally do anything to hurt you. I hope you can forgive me".

Why do i hit my boyfriend when we fight i love him and never want to lose him but i keep doing it?

I do the same thing and let me tell you it's not really a good habit to get into.... If he is bigger than you it could be because you think that you can never hurt him physically, but it could hurt him emotionally. I say talk it over with him. He maybe the only one who can help you fix this problem.

Where are all the good men dead in the heart or in the head?

The dead men never hurt the heart of the good in the head.

How do you deal with gossip in a Christian way?

The way to deal with gossip is to not participate in it at all. Gossip is a bad thing because when we gossip about someone or a particular thing about that person, we are saying things that might not be true but just our opinion. This can cause hurt feelings and we don't want to ever intentionally hurt a persons feelings. If, you are with someone who starts gossiping about someone else, tell them you would rather not talk about it or just simply change the subject quickly. Gossip never accomplishes anything accept hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

Should you believe your boyfriend when he says he won't hurt you like everyone else has?

No, never say never is a fact honey I found that out the hard way I was with someone for four years and I never thought he would hurt me and he told me the same thing and then the last year of our relationship on December 31, I found he was cheating on me and I realized then that the same person that said he would never hurt me could and he did. I'm not saying that it's not possible and maybe he won't but just like I said never say never don't believe in man believe in God he will never hurt you, leave you, nor forsake you so pray that what your boyfriend says will remain true until said otherwise. Good Luck!!!