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Its a human nature to have their own opinion about every aspect in life. If the two have different opinions thats the great thing. The only way to solve this problem is understanding and accepting your partner and never minding about his/her small comments.... Its still too complicated to explain...just read the above couple of times and think on it...u wil surely get a best solution..!

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Q: What happens when two people in a relationship have different opinion on marriage?
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How do i feel about interventions of your parents in marriage?

(I as in my opinion?) What kind of intervention? you want them to assess their relationship to be closer or to divorce?

Why is continuous adjustment necessary in marriage?

Opinion Marriage is born by two individuals with a different set of mind, different set of thought and different set of emotions. To sustain such differences so that's in marriage there is compatibility in physical, mental and emotional status of a husband and wife, so hence adjustments are necessary.OpinionPeople learn, change and grow as they age. Therefore, to maintain a healthy relationship, marital relationships must adapt to changes in circumstances and changes experienced by their partners if they want their marriage to endure and grow.

What is public opinion about same-sex marriage?

As of 2013, public opinion is in favor of gay marriage by a small majority, about 53% or so in most polls.

How do you break up your mom and her boyfriend?

It is never a good idea to break up your parents marriage. Marriage is hard enough for adults. Children should not get involved.

Do Hinata and kiba get married?

Hinata and Kiba so far have NOT gotten married. To start with they didn't even have a relationship so why would they get married of all things? The only relationship they have between them is friendship and they're comrades.(That's my opinion other people might have a different opinion.)

Who makes a medical decision for same-sex marriage?

A medical opinion is not needed for marriage. However, to the extent that societies of medical practitioners hold an opinion that may influence decisions, American psychiatrists and psychologists agree that same-sex marriage is a positive thing.

What is public opinion?

the public opinion is for the community to have full say in what happens in government.

How is the concurrent opinion different from the majority opinion?

A concurring opinion is one that has reached the same conclusion as the majority opinion, but for different reasons from the majority.

What do Jews think about sex before marriage?

Jews are not a monolith so there is no one single opinion on the subject of sex before marriage.

To what extent is Philip Larkin's understanding of love and marriage accurate?

My own opinion is that he was a cynical but shrewd observer of such things as love and marriage.

What is the relation between press and public opinion?

There is a positive and strong relationship between the press and public opinion.

What are some supporting ideas of what a marriage should be?

In my opinion it should be based on trust