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her heart beets fast

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Q: What happens when a female is aroused?
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Is getting aroused by seeing a gagged female normal?


Why does your male get aroused by your spayed female cat?

because it can't get pregnant

Why do your Penis get erect when seeing a woman?

That's the way it's supposed to be. Men are aroused by the female of the species, which can result in an erection. Although it could be imbarassing if it happens in a public place you sound like a normal male.

Do most males when young get aroused by female family members?

Its not that they get aroused by the family member persay, its that they have raging hormones and dont make the dicernation between who, what, where and why about sexual feelings. No of course not!

Can women get sexually aroused by looking at very sexy female celebrities?

Yes some women can.

Is it normal for a female to become aroused just listening to her boyfriend's voice?

Yes it is normal why wouldn't it?

Do females nipples harden?

Yes, when a female is feeling sexually aroused, there nipples will start to get hard.

Should a female release the fluid during the climax of intercourse?

It happens sometimes to some women especially when intensely aroused, and there's there's no'should' or 'shouldn't' about it. So, there's nothing to worry about. Have a couple of thick towels to hand.

What do you do if your psychologist is aroused during a session?

Be very sure that your psychologist is aroused around you because if you falsely accuse him/her then you can ruin the person's career as well as have charges laid against you. If you are not sure then you have the freedom to seek out another psychologist. If you are female try to find a female psychologist and if male, then seek a male psychologist and you'll resolve the problem.

Can a person have a fetish about womens butts?

That is too normal to be called a fetish. Most men are intensely aroused by the female buttocks and anus.

Is anyone else sexually aroused by a female wearing a long sleeve blouse or shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned?

Uhm... No. And that is really weird.

What does wet mean sexually?

It means a person (most often female), is aroused and that, as a result, her genitals are wet.