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Q: Is getting aroused by seeing a gagged female normal?
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Is it normal for a female to become aroused just listening to her boyfriend's voice?

Yes it is normal why wouldn't it?

Is it normal to be aroused by your aunt during puberty?

During Puberty it is normal to be aroused by nothing inparticular and anything ! Getting aroused is something you will begin to control as you get older. It can be embarrassing for a pubescent teenager though. Try not to let it show.

Can a person have a fetish about womens butts?

That is too normal to be called a fetish. Most men are intensely aroused by the female buttocks and anus.

A state of unconsciousness in which an individual cannot be aroused by normal stimuli is?


You like to get tied to the bed and gagged for long periods of time during after and before you have sex is this Normal?

Of course not. If you like to do that its fine.

Is it normal to be extremely aroused during the third trimester?

Yes its quite common.

Is normal to be sexually aroused by ham?

Normally, no. That would be an abnormal attraction to ham.

Why do your Penis get erect when seeing a woman?

That's the way it's supposed to be. Men are aroused by the female of the species, which can result in an erection. Although it could be imbarassing if it happens in a public place you sound like a normal male.

Is there something wrong with you for getting aroused when other men see your wife topless?

No. Biological and psychological combinations create the motivative stimulus. It's pretty normal. Kick back, partake and enjoy.

Why does seeing a girl cry make you sexually aroused?

If you've got obsessions or spirutal problems; it is possible. I think that person who become sexually aroused when he saw a girl who is crying have to see an alienist ;) That answer is stupid... I think the real problem is that you're human. A crying female is related instantly to vulnerability. When an "animal" senses vulnerability, it will immediately want to strike. In this case the vulnerability is her vagina and you are wanting to strike with your man sword. You're normal for getting boners when girls cry. We all do.

Is it normal to be aroused around dogs?

That is not normal. Neither is your question. Get help, seriously.NEW USERi think this user is trying to state that she/he have been aroused by dogs that just means the dog is curois nothing to be worried about SERIOUSLY !!!!

Is it normal to feel sexually aroused during my period?

It is normal to feel like you want to have sex on your period. A woman's hormones are going wild when on their period.