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Same kind of infections you could get from getting a minor scratch. It depends on what you are exposed to.

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we get it check out

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Q: What happens if your tattoo gets infected?
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What happens when you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you?

When you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you, you have a greater chance of a botched tattoo, and of becoming infected from improperly handled tattooing equipment

Why need shave before tattoo?

Hair gets pushed back into the skin as the needle goes through, causing ingrown hairs. They hurt, and they get infected. That is why you must shave before a tattoo.

What happens when a muscle gets infected?

it could decay, break, or swell and get inflamed.

Can you use mupirocin for an infected tattoo?

Yes! I had a tattoo done recently and it got infected. I went to the doctor and got mupirocin ointment 2%.

What if someone tattoo gets infected from a homemade tattoo do they get into trouble?

If they didn't sign any type of release of liability agreement, the person who got the tattoo could sue for cost of medical treatment and laser removal. All together could end up costing you thousands of dollars. As far as criminal trouble, there are no laws regulating who can tattoo without a license or outside of an establishment.

How a person gets infected with AIDS?

Receive it from an infected person.

What happens when your community gets infected with rabies?

You see to it, helplessly, when your community is infected with the virus of corruption and rabies. Specially, when some other countries are making fast progress, with people, which love their country, unconditionally.

Can you use a local anesthetic before getting a tattoo?

No, all you have to do is remaun calm. The only way you can get infected is by tampering with the tattoo.

What happens to the appendex if it gets infected?

It can enlarge and cause appendicitis. It can break open cause a very serious internal infection. This is then often removed.

Infected sweat gland?

It's when your sweat gland gets infected.

What do you call an infected hair on an elephant?

'An Infected Hair' OR 'An Infected Hair, On An Elephant' OR 'An Infected Hair, That Happens To Be On An Elephant'

Is it possible to have a registered Thoroughbred without a tattoo?

No, every thoroughbred registered gets a tattoo. If one doesnt get a tattoo it is not in the book.