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i guess it's a case-to-case basis.i mean,it depends upon your sick that been experiences.right?

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the other people that get your plasma die or just get some sort of sickness.

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Q: What happens if you donate plasma and you're sick?
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Can you donate plasma if you take clonazepam?

I was told today at the Canadian Blood Service (after taking time off work to donate because O- was in demand) that I was ineligible to donate within 24 hours of taking quetiapine (seroquel). Their reasoning was that the loss of blood may decrease the effectiveness of the drug, even though I only take it to sleep and it was 18 hours since my last dose, 6 hours before my next one. Disappointing.

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Are there disadvantages to donating plasma?

Generally, donating plasma is safe, and an excellent activity for helping out others who can use the medications made from it.However, when donating plasma, you must take certain risk factors into consideration. One major issue for some people with donating plasma is dehydration. Most donation centers give you some saline back through an IV when donating, but that is not always enough to replenish the body's water levels.Another issue is that your plasma contains many substances that help fight infection. If you donate often, you run the risk of becoming sick more often.Also, if you are bothered by needles, there is a risk of fainting or passing out from fear, and also from volume displacement in your body.Yes, donating plasma is very safe. The plasma office will do a health check on you and if it isn't safe for you, then they will not allow you to donate.

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How often can one donate blood?

At the place I go to, (ZLB Plasma Services) you have to wait 58 days before they will let you donate plasma. This is because they want you to have enough whole blood to be able to keep you healthy after you donate plasma. It will keep you from getting sick from losing too much good stuff your body needs.