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If proper medical attention is not given, a person who ingestesed drano is likely to die. You see, drano and other pipe cleaning liquids are designed to errode away solid and crusted materials lined on metal. This means, it will eat a human's insides.

If you are the person who has ingested this, seek immediate medical attention.

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Medical attention is immediate, so if it's not available within around 5 minutes take your own precautionary measures. Since Drano is a base you can neutralize it with an acid. That means eat lots of acidic foods like vinegar, Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits etc etc...

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It just goes back into your stomach where it came from. The acid might irritate your throat though.

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Q: What happen if you swallowed drano?
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When was Drano created?

Drano was created in 1923.

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If you swallow a small screw and do not experience any symptoms, it will likely pass through your digestive system without causing harm. However, if you have difficulty breathing, swallowing, or experience abdominal pain, seek medical help immediately. It is crucial to monitor your symptoms and consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

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What is drano?

Drano is a popular brand of drain cleaner used to unclog drains and pipes. It works by dissolving and breaking down hair, soap scum, and other blockages that accumulate in drains. It should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines.

What will happen if you swallowed ink?

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What is the pH reading of 10 percent drano?

Drano is an alkaline cleaner.

Uses of drano?

Drano is a hydrochloric acid chemical used to clean out drains, but every great plumber out there knows its dangers and stays away from drano.Drano can also be used to make a bomb . all you need is drano a water bottle and aluminim foil. cap the bottle once all ingredents are in shake and throw . will cause it to explode do no touch the acid on the inside of the bottle will burn skin off!!!!!!!!!!Drano is not hydrochloric acid... Drano is the exact opposite. It's a base. This is why people end up doing stupid stuff and getting chemical burns on their face. If you think Drano is the same as HCI, then mix some Drano and HCI. If your right and its the same thing, nothing will happen. (Hint: Make sure you have somebody standing by to drive you the the hospital after you mix it).

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Can a person survive after drinking Drano?

If the amount of Drano consumed is small enough, a person can survive drinking it. Contrary to other website information, Drano will not produce a high. People who drink Drano may not die, but they face a lifetime of misery and surguries to repair the damage. Drano is extremely caustic, and damages to the mouth and esophagus can be extensive.

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