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The major components of the flatus (which are odorless) by percentage are:

- Nitrogen 20% - 90%

- Hydrogen 0% - 50%

- Carbon Dioxide 10% - 30%

- Oxygen 0% - 10%

- Methane 0% - 10%

The gas released during a flatus event frequently has a foul odor which mainly results from low molecular weight fatty acids such as butyric acid (rancid butter smell) and reduced sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and carbonyl sulfide that are the result of protein breakdown.

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it is not farts..... why would you put farts as a gas that comes out of your body?


its still not farts....

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usually just room air, because that is the air that you swallowed in the first place

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Car bone dioxide or oxygen

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Q: What gas comes out of your stomach when you burp?
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How to release gas from the stomach?


What is the difference between a burp and a belch?

A burp tends to be a small amount of gas leaving your stomach while a belch is a larger amount of gas leaving the stomach.

Why does soda make you burp?

Soda contains carbon dioxide gas, which creates bubbles when it comes in contact with saliva in your mouth. When you drink soda, the carbon dioxide gas is released in your stomach, which can build up and cause you to burp in order to release the gas.

Why do you burp all day?

to release the gas in your stomach

What starts a burp?

what I understands starts a burp is gas getting trapped in the stomach, therefore needs a way out, causing you to burp

What cause people to burp?

gas captured in stomach, usually swallowed.

What is the gas called which comes from the mouth?

The gas that comes from the mouth is called "exhaled air," and it mainly consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and traces of other gases. Burping is another way that gas can be expelled from the stomach through the mouth.

How do you say dakaar in English?

Burp - to expel gas from the stomach. Gas coming from the stomach to the throat makes a sound when it reaches near the voice box.

What happens to your body when you drink a bottle of sprite?

The gas builds up in your stomach and you burp.

What is the medical term meaning belching or raising gas from the stomach?

eructation the act of belching or raising gas orally from the stomach

How do humans eliminate CO2 they drink in soda?

Well, soda travels into the stomach instead of the lungs, and when you burp you evacuate the CO2 gas from your stomach.

How can you get gas out of your stomach?

well, you can drink ginger ale . it will make you burp a few times and then it will go away!