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The gas builds up in your stomach and you burp.

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Q: What happens to your body when you drink a bottle of sprite?
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Why is sprite clear?

sprite is clear because they do not add any food coloring to the drink and all of its ingredients are natural. Also, since the drink is clear, it's easier for your body to digest. Sprite is also a caffeine free drink and even though it's a soda it's better for you than coca-cola or pepsi

What happens to the body when you drink soda?

You burp.

What happens to your body when you drink a glass of water?

Your body receives hydration.

Is it Safe to drink milk after the bottle top has been pierced by a bird?

The bird could carry some diseases and there is a possiblitity that there are on the bottle top and so i you drink out it you may get the bacteria/disease in your body. However I would just drink.

What will happens to the cells in your body if you drink too much water?


What happens to the body when a person drinks saltwater?

they get dehydrated if they drink enough

What happens when a energy drink goes through your body?

It stimulates adrenaline.

What happens if you drink bad water from Death Valley?

IT WILL CAUSE your body poisoned

What happens when you drink?

Um... you hydrate your body. (Thought that one was just a tad obvious...)

What happens to your body when you don't drink enough water?

you can dehydrate and some times die.

What happens to the gold if you drink it does it stay trapped in the body or does it pass through?

The edible gold leaf will pass through your body.

How many 12oz bottle water should you drink daily?

At least 2, if not 3. More water is better! Your body needs it.