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i think it's organic food , meat and something like that

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Q: What foods should you sometimes eat?
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What should children eat?

I think that children should eat healthy foods like carrots and broccoli and sometimes giving them a treat if good!

What foods should you eat having ADHD and being on Strattera?

what foods should you eat having adhd

Can pig eat human foods?

Pigs can sometimes eat human food, guinea pigs can eat more human foods than pigs.

What foods are commonly eaten by the French?

The French sometimes eat pastries and breads. The French eat cheeses and sometimes frogs and snails.

What foods should I be eating during pregnancy?

There are several foods you should eat during pregnancy. You should eat green vegetables and drink juice.

What are the foods that an asthmatic child should eat and should not eat?

Foods asthmatic children should avoid include gluten products and dairy products. Foods that asthmatic children should eat include meat, fresh fruit, potatoes, foods with sugar and processed carbohydrates.

What foods should you eat during your period?

There are no foods that you 'should' eat during your period. You can eat anything that you would normally any other time of your menstrual cycle.

What should you eat instead of fat foods?

you should eat heathy food like fruit and veges and meat only sometimes meat and you should eat some kinds of fatty foods but only sometimes if you eat it all the time then you'll start to get more fatter and fatter if you dont like vegetables then eat some salad and sandwiches and you have to atleast drink 8 glasses of water everyday Yep and truthfully, this might not help but it is a fact that it is unhealthy to lie and it makes you feel bad and nonhealthy. JUST SAYING!

What non simple foods did the ancient egyptians eat?

Sometimes they would eat the arms and legs of mokeys.

What foods should we never eat?

never ever eat tofu

What foods should you not eat when on your period?

There are no foods that you shouldn't eat during your period, you can eat whatever you would eat normally. Unless you notice specific problems with certain foods then there's no reason to limit what you eat.

What foods should I eat if I have blood type A?

Blood type A people are just the opposite of Blood type O people. You should avoid foods high in fat and eat low fat foods and eat more plant based type foods in your diet.