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Too much of any food can make you gain weight. The most fattening foods are those with lots of sugar, such as soda, ice cream, or any candies or sweets, plus grains, breads, cereals, cookies, Pizza, chips, fries, etc., and all refined (processed) carbohydrates. For more information, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions

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Pretty much anything unhealthy. Chips, sweets, fried foods, ect. If you're wanting to lose weight or stay healthy you should stay away from those foods and try to eat healthier.

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Q: What food makes you gain weight?
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Does the contraceptive patch cause weight gain?

food causes you to gain weight shuger,chocolate,anything sweet makes you gain weight to tell you the truth.

What ingredient in birth control pills make you gain weight?

The Birth Control itself does not have any ingredients in it that make you gain weight. The birth control makes you crave food and its the food you eat that makes you gain weight. So when you crave the food go for something healthy to eat such as fruit.

Does eating patatos make you gain weight?

Eating too much food and not getting enough exercise is what makes you gain weight.

What is the Max weight gain from 1 pound of food?

The weight gain from food is not determined by the weight of the food, but by the number of calories in food. 3500 calories of food are equal to about one pound of weight (of the person, not the food).

What food makes your behind grow bigger?

The amount of food that you consume overall is the main culprit behind additional weight gain. There is no one food that makes you grow larger. To maintain proper weight, you have to balance your food intake with your energy output through exercise.

How can your child gain weight?

To gain weight you child has to eat good food.

How do you can gain your weight except taking food?

To gain weight you have to eat more.

Does powdered milk makes you gain weight?

does powdered milk makes you gain fat

Are there foods that will help you gain weight?

Yes ,there are plenty of foods that will assist in weight gain .People in this day in age are always saying that it is easier to gain weight than to lose it because our economy always makes bad food look good.All that you would need to do is eat plenty of starchy foods ,and or fats food restaurants.

What hormone that makes you gain weight?


How do you gain weight for an underweight person?

You probably have a very high metabolism which makes it hard to gain weight. I would slowly start to rasie your calories are start a weight training program. Make sure you are eating quality foods, and not just going out to fast food everyday to gain.

Which foods are to gain weight?

Junk food