What hormone that makes you gain weight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What hormone that makes you gain weight?
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Does the implant cause weight gain?

Weight gain is one of the possible side effects of the implant :) yes a lot of women put on weight as the hormone makes you eat more

What is name of hormone injections to gain quick weight?

mass gainer

Can you gain weight from stress when your hardly eating or under eating?

Yes you can! stress releases a hormone called serotonin into your body that causes weight gain.

Does powdered milk makes you gain weight?

does powdered milk makes you gain fat

Does the contraceptive patch cause weight gain?

food causes you to gain weight shuger,chocolate,anything sweet makes you gain weight to tell you the truth.

Does eating shrimp makes you gain some weight?


Can not taking sugar pill cause weight gain?

No. Often weight gain is experienced in some women due to the hormone changes caused by birth control pills. It has nothing to do with the sugar pills.

Does birth control make you hungry?

No, Birth control does NOT make you hungry, but what it DOES do is change the hormone levels in your body so in turn (which is the reason why I think you are asking this question) it makes you gain weight by altering your metabolism.

Does high altitude make you gain weight?

No. Continuously eating more calories than you use up is what makes you gain weight.

Does eating patatos make you gain weight?

Eating too much food and not getting enough exercise is what makes you gain weight.

If you begin to take the pill or the patch will you gain weight and how much?

Yes there is a chance of weight gain with the pill, I am not sure about the patch, but I would not doubt it. There is no telling how much you will gain. I believe that the hormones are what makes you gain the weight. I can not guarentee that though.

Do all hormone replacement therapy pills make you gain weight?

No; in fact, bioidentical hormones can help stop weight gain caused by loss of hormones during menopause. This is why doctors often prescribe them for women (or men) going through the aging process.