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It's the symbol of the Haruno Clan.

Although I do think that it represents the circle of life too. :P lol

Seeing as how she's a medic-nin, the circle represents the circle of life. And how she heals, like, life and dead, go round and round.

But that's just a theory.

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Q: What does the symbol on sakura haruno's jacket mean?
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What does the symbol on back of naruto's jacket mean?

It is the symbol of Uzushiogakure, a village that Konoha had a close relationship with

What does alex mercer jacket symbol mean?

I believe the symbol is supposed to mean his power or something notice in the 2nd game james heller gets a jacket and it has a diffrent design to than Alexs that or some gang he was in or i dont even know

What does the symbol on the back of Tsunade's mean?

The symbol on the back of Tsunade's jacket is 'kake' - the Japanese character for gambling or betting

What does gakupo's jacket symbol mean?

I read somewhere that it's supposed to show the "spectrums of music" or something similar.

What do the symbols on sakura haruno's jacket mean?

I do believe it is her clan crest I have no idea how it relates to "of spring" but people do think (as do I) that it is the Haruno crest. White circle in red background. Yup.

What does sakura name mean?

sakura means cherry blossom

What does the ancient Japanese music title sakura-sakura mean?

Sakura means cherry blossom.

What does Sakura mean in Japanese?

Sakura means "cherry blossom"

What does Sakura mean?

'Sakura' means 'cherry blossom' in Japanese. Every year, Japan has a Sakura Festival.It means Cherry Blossom. It is a Japanese name. Sakura in English means Sara which is my name!!!!!i think sakura mean flower in japaneas

What does sakura mean to naruto?

Sakura means "cherry blossoms" in Japanese.

What does the symbol on sakura haruno's clothes mean if she's not part of a clan?

She belongs to the Haruno clan but because it's not a particularly prominant or powerful clan (and also not really covered in the story) it's considered more like a family. The symbol is her clan/family symbol.

What is The Sakura Project?

you mean the stupid sakura project. the stupid sakura project is a series of flash parodys of naruto openings, with them being hilarious and sakura being incredibly fat.