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Means you have little control over your health

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Q: What does the dynamic nature of health mean?
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What does the dynamic nature of your health mean?

A) It is constantly changing

What is the difference between dynamic health and relative health?

The subjective judgments that people make about their level of health demonstrate the relative nature of health, with our health being relative to others and ourselves over time. Our health varies over time, fluctuating from minute to minute, day to day and year to year. Illness, accidents, personal experiences or environmental factors can move our level of health any number of times during our lives from very well to well, off-colour to ill, very unwell to critically ill and then back to full health. These continual changes in our state of health mean that health is dynamic.

What are the dynamics of culture?

dynamic nature of culture

Why is health dynamic?

Examples that show why health is dynamic? Getting sick is one example. What is the difference between dynamic health and relative health? The subjective ...

Can you make HTML dynamic website?

HTML is, by its very nature, static. In order to add dynamic elements, you will need to use JavaScript.

What does it mean for someone to be dynamic?

Being dynamic means to undergo significant changes.

What does Dynamic Streches mean?

a dynamic exercise will help develop your muscles and warm them up.

What does dynamique mean in french?


Why are populations in nature called dynamic?

Populations in nature are called "dynamic" because the amount of population fluctuates depending on the four factors that affect population size (Density dependent and independent factors, natural disasters, and competition [predation, parasitism and disease]).

What is dynamic poerty?

what does possessive noun mean

What does dynamic mean in latin?

Dynamic does not derive from Latin. It comes from a Greek word, dunamis, meaning power.

What does static and dynamic character mean?

Static: not changing throughout the story Dynamic: changes in some way.