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A straight eight in a relationship means that you are a graet couple but not a awesome couple, if you are just a straight eight then you might want to find a new person that will give you a 9 or 10 that's the best but 8 and lower bye 9 and 10 are the best you can find. So that's what I do at least but if you think 8 through 10 are the best then go at it but that's what I go by :) hope it helped

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Q: What does straight eight mean in a relationship?
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What does straight mean in a relationship?

The term "straight" or "hetero" in a relationship refers to sexual orientation. Straight/hetero implies heterosexuality, as opposed to homosexuality. In short, the term hetero means that someone is attracted to people of the opposite sex ie man interested in woman.

Is there any straight girl here who wants to have a relationship with another straight girl?

If you are are talking about a romantic relationship, the answer is no. By definition, a straight girl does not want a romantic relationship with another girl.

What a nonlinear relationship?

That means that if you draw a graph of the relationship, you will not get a straight line.

IWhat shape does the graph of a linear relationship take?

Linear = Straight line! So, a graph of a linear relationship is a straight line.

What on a graph indicates that there is a linear relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable?

The answer depends on what you mean by "A".

Are gay relationships and homosexuality the same?

No. Homosexuality is a state of human sexuallity, not a state of relationship. To be in a gay relationship would definitely imply you are homosexual, but to be homosexual would not imply you are in a relationship. Compare it with heterosexuality - you can be straight, but not in a straight relationship.

Are All Relationship Graphs Straight line?


What is straight relationship?

it means you'e hetero

How many straight lines in an octagon?

It's kind of obvious seeing as 'oct' means eight... Anyway, there are eight straight lines in an octagon.

What shape has eight straight edges?

octagon !

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