What a nonlinear relationship?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That means that if you draw a graph of the relationship, you will not get a straight line.

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Q: What a nonlinear relationship?
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Is X squared plus y squared an example of nonlinear?

No, it is not an example of a nonlinear relationship because there is a steady rate of change.

What is a non linear realtionship?

A nonlinear relationship is one that cannot be expressed using a line. y=3x is a linear relationship between x and y. y = log(x) is nonlinear.

How does a linear relationship look different from a nonlinear relationship on graph?

A linear relation is a straight line. A non-linear relation is not - it mayor may not be be a curve.

What is a nonlinear scale?

A scale that is nonlinear. ~

Nonlinear model of communication?

what is nonlinear?can anybody give me this answer.

What is a nonlinear relationship?

In mathematics, when the dependent variable is not proportional to the independent variable. The function does not vary directly with the input. Example: y=sin (x).

When was Nonlinear Oscillations - journal - created?

Nonlinear Oscillations - journal - was created in 1998.

Is the area of a circle a linear or nonlinear of its radius?

Relationship between radius and area of a circle is nonlinear. Area = pi * radius^2, so it is like a quadratic. If you graphed radius on the horizontal, and area on the vertical, it would be a parabola (actually a half of a parabola, since you cannot have a negative radius).

What is an equation for nonlinear?

an nonlinear equation can be y=3x m dose not equal 7

How do you use nonlinear graph in sentence?

A nonlinear graph doesn't make a straight line.

Is y equals x2 a nonlinear equation?

If you mean y = x2, then yes, it is nonlinear.

Is There's Something About Mary chronological or nonlinear?

Nonlinear, since there are character flashbacks throughout the movie.