What does prespire mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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do you mean perspire? that means sweat do you mean respire? that is like breathing but what your cells do

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Q: What does prespire mean?
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What happens when the person doesnt prespire?

Overheating may result, culminating in a stroke.

What is prespire?

Perspiration is also called sweat. It is produced when the body is in need of cooling. As the perspiration evaporates, the body is cooled.

Why do we feel relieved under a fan when you prespire?

this is so as the point of sweat is to make you colder when it evaporates off your skin. The fan makes it evaporate faster so you feel cooler and relieved.

How your body is cooled when you prespire?

When your hypothalamus -- an area of your brain that acts as a thermostat -- senses either a rise or fall in body temperature, it takes action to protect your body. With increases in core body temperature, your hypothalamus directs more of your blood flow to the skin and signals the body to start sweating.

How does your skin regulate body temperature?

The skin regulates body temperature by sweating, synthesizes important chemicals, and functions as a sophisticated sense organ. An example is when the body is over-heating the pores open up and allow the body to prespire.

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