What does pcp feel like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the most horrible thing ever, I'm telling you never ever do it. i almost died please don't. i felt like i was in a cartoon and there was no way of getting out, i had very dry mouth and my heart started pumping really fast. i honestly just wanted to scream i couldn't it just never went away it was the worst experience ever. when i went to the hospital they put fluid in me to take the PCP and weed out of my body quicker, they said if i didn't get there quick enough i would of died. i don't want anyone being in the position I'm in, after the side effects i have much more anxiety its becoming worst and i feel like I'm out of my body and dead i always feel like I'm in a cartoon but in real life I'm not I'm on meds to keep my anxiety done, just hopefully everything will get back to normal sooner or later.

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makes u painless and crazyyy and u might eat someone like big lurch

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Q: What does pcp feel like?
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How does PCP feel?

When I did pcp I couldn't feel and I kept falling. Everything kept rewinding and going black. Defiantly a out of mind expetience and like a living nightmare. I suggest not doing it, reality is amazing.

Is LSD better than pcp?

LSD is better than PCP, I feel. With PCP you can actually feel the effects. For example when you are on a LSD "trip" you see things such as bees and other things, like worms. When you are on PCP you can actually feel these things, for example you can feel the bees stinging you or the worms crawling on you. Sometimes these feelings come back even when you aren't on the drug PCP. You can randomly get the sensation of bees stinging you or something else when you are on PCP. That can happen with LSD also, when you relapse, but you don't feel it and see it, you just see it. There are also other reasons. Both drugs are very similar though.

Is pcp like herion?

Not at all. PCP is a disassociative psychedelic where heroin is an opiate.

What does pcp smell like?

pcp could be a liquid ,powder,or could be laced in leaf material

What is PCP effects?

Like spiderman and the hulk in one

What is inside PCP?

Pure PCP contains only PCP (phencylidine).

How is pcp administered?

PCP is not administrated

Is pcp a depression?

pcp is a tranqulizer

Will the effects of smoking pcp feel like schizophrenia and what can you do?

Its hard to say, mostly because the effects of PCP havent really been documented or studied, but from what ive heard it can have severe long term after effects and also has tendencies like schizophrenia also a underground acid-rapper Big Lurch was on the drug and ate a girls lungs. so yeah dont mess with that drug.

Is PCP a depressant or stimulant?

Is this a serious question? Your joking right? PCP will f*** you up man.Stay away from that s***,it is extremely addictive.Think of it like this,when you're on PCP,you feel invincible. Now,lets say you were born with an extra chromosome,that you were quite literally,a superhero.Invincible in everyway,and no one could stop you.Now,if someone walked up to you one day,and asked you to give up your powers,and become a normal human again,what would you say? You would probably laugh in that person's face? Am I correct? This is the same with PCP users. It's not easy for them to give it up when it makes them feel invincible. Stick to marijuana like me.Non-addictive,no bad health effects,considerably cheap among other illegal drugs,and very good for the mind. I

What does pcp stand 4?

PCP is phencyclidine.

Is PCP a hallucinagen?

Yes, PCP is a hallucinogen.