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it means she cant stay away from you and she loves you alot

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Q: What does it means when a girl say i addicted to you?
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What should you say when a girl says she's addicted to you?

That you're addicted to her too.

Is fossil fighters a good game?

yes its awesome but its rude because if your a girl you cant be a girl...but its really fun l say this because i have it im like addicted to it!

What does cross addiction mean?

It means your addicted to drugs and alcohol cross addicted

What to say when a girl calls you cute?

Coming from a girl, it means she likes you,

When he say hey your girl does that means he likes you?


What does OMG means when a boy say this to a girl?

it means like she is not serious

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we can say 11 girl among 20 girl

What does it means if a girl touches you just to say hi?

That means that they are flirting with you. But if you are a girl also, then that's very unfortunate.

How do you get a girl addicted to you?

Well, first, a girl has to like your personality. You wouldn't say addicted, but lovesick. She also has to see that your a gentelman, and not some pig who wants to have sex. Make her feel safe. Hope this helps! :D or tell her right off the bat

What do they mean when they say that a girl is unique?

It means she is NOT a typical, average girl and she is different then others

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Mischa barton

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