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Q: When he say hey your girl does that means he likes you?
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What to say when a girl calls you cute?

Coming from a girl, it means she likes you,

What does it meanwhen a girl texts you but refuses to say her name?

that means she likes you

What happens when a girl says to your friend she likes you?

it meansthat shes cant get the nerve to say hey ddo you want to gont out with me

What is Justin bieber best thing he likes to say?

aye yo shawty hey girl i love you i love my fans

How do you say hey girl in Dutch?

hey meisje!

If a girl constantly stares at you but she asks to do things for her what is she trying to say?

If she stares it means she likes you.

What does it mean when a girl says she don't like anyone?

it means that she does not want TO SAY WHO SHE LIKES

How do you tell if a hot girl likes you?

Usually if a girl like's you they tend to get nervous and they might giggle alot also if they like you they might stare at you _______________________________________________________________________ if she is afraid of u and tell her friends that, she likes you. She mentions it to her friends cause she wants to talk about you or hear her friends say "Hey likes you, He likes you!"

How does a girl get a guy to like them?

You just say hey boy want to hang out or if you have a boy who likes the guy you like ask him to tell him I like you.

What do you say if a girl likes you?


How do i tell a girl you like her if shy like's your best-friend?

Ask your best friend if he likes her and if its not going to be commited then say DIBS and say hey uhh hey DRAMATIC PAUSE AND laugh under breath and say want to date? and use a small very laugh smile when you say it

How can we start to talk with a girl?

Say "Hey can we talk"