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If you and that dude has gone out before then maybe he still likes you but doesnt want to go out with you and maybe just wants to keep you in his view.

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they know that you like their friend and they may think your a freak

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Q: What does it mean when your crushes friends stare at you?
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What does it mean when your crushes friends say that you look good together?

if it is your crushes friends telling you that and they know that you like him then a lot of the time he is trying to get them to hint to you that he likes you Hope all goes well!

What does is mean if a guy you stare at stares at you back then his friends look?

if a guy you stare at stares back and then his friends do then that means most likely he likes you he may like you but he could also be talking about you to his friends.

When I was Sitting With My Friends at Lunch I said to them I stare at them when I want to hangout with them What does this mean?

This means that the stare sends a message as a form of communication.

Why do quiet boys stare at girls?

Because they secretly have crushes on them and they cannot get anybody to like them.

What does it mean when a guy tells you it's ok to stare at him?

It means that he likes you in the more than friends way that he wants to stare at you and you stare back which are one of the signs of love.

Does that mean the guy you like tell his friends about you and like you too if some of his friends stare at you whenever they see you?

well sumtimes it does

If your crushes mom is really nice to you does that mean she knows her son likes you?

Hosts are suppose to be nice to their guests, and children's friends.

What if my crushes friends don't like me?

if your crushes friends don't like you then pay no attention to them if you just go head over heels for your crush they will come through to like you for one reason you are a good man/woman to your crush

Why do you daydream about your crushes?

Because if you really like them, and think they are hot, then you have dreams about each of you having a relationship considering loving each other. Hope you like my answer! :-) lol Daydremimg can also mean to sit and stare into space thinking about someone or something.

Why did your shy crushes dad look at you the same way she does?

well most people take things of there mum or dad so she probably got her dads stare

Is it good to tell your crushes friends that you like him?

ok all i am going to say is if the boys ur around are anything like the ones im aroundi wouldn't i mean if they r friends most likely he would tell

What if your friend is going out with the guy you like?

You have no choice but to deal with it. Friends come before crushes.