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This could be many things; if it continues, please see your physician.

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Q: What does it mean when you urine is not yellow and you go a lot?
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What does Bright yellow urine and abdomen pain on one side mean?

Go to the doctor.

What does discharge in your urine mean?

Go see a doctor

Your pee is yellow and smelly?

Urine is supposed to be darker yellow in the morning since you have held it all night and not been drinking anything to thin it out. How much you drink decides how yellow it is. Urine smells but if it smells wrong to you go to the doctor and take a simple urine test. You might have a simple urinal infection, easy to cure with antibiotics.

Does medication or sugar levels effect the color of your urine?

Both medication and sugar levels can effect the color of your urine.

Why does the sky go yellow before a thunderstorm?

Because the ksy pools up with urine from the giants up above, and when the yflush the toilet...

How does the kidney make your urine more concentrated?

It tries really really hard! Nah, i think it depends on how much fluids you have in your system, if your urine is yellow then it has a higher urea concentration. If its clear, a lower urea concentration

For a good while now I urinate every 15 to 20 min It does not sting when I go and there is plenty of urine when I go but I do have a lot of pain there is no blood in the urine?

It's time to see a doctor. Your symptoms could be many things and we can't test the urine for a type of infection.

How do you get the dog to drink more water to keep urine from getting orange?

Your dogs urine should not be orange, dark clear yellow maybe? Best to go to the vet, really dark urine with a pungent odor can be a urinary tract infection, you can add water to the food, but urine should not be orange.

What does it mean when yellow water is coming out of your penis?

If you mean urine, the darker yellow it is, the more concentrated mineral content is, and the more dehydrated you are. Drink more fluids.. water is good, sports drinks containing electrolytes is better. If theres burning pain or sharp pain associated, go see your doctor, you have a possible infection. If you mean there is pus, you have a serious infection and need to see a doctor at once.

How do you know when your urine is clean what color it would be?

i think it stould be like little bit lighter(yellow), but not too much. but anyway, if you think something isn't right with your urine, go see a doctor, i't best.

Strange odor in urine might mean your pregnant?

Probably means urine infection. Go and see the doctor, drink cranberry juice and lots of water

Stinky feet go weewee?

what do you mean do you know english? do you mean feet smell like urine that is SO immature and innapropriate