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i think it stould be like little bit lighter(yellow), but not too much. but anyway, if you think something isn't right with your urine, go see a doctor, i't best.

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Q: How do you know when your urine is clean what color it would be?
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Can you reheat a clean urine sample?

Only if you want to fail the test and be exposed as a cheater - cooked urine will be obviously different from normal urine.

Can you pass a urine test for meth by drinking bleach?

Bleach will not clean your urine of meth. In fact, bleach will not clean your urine of any drug. If you drink bleach, you will be very sick. If you mean can you add bleach to a urine specimen to clean the meth out, that will not work either, and it will smell so strongly of bleach that the person testing you would know. Please do not try either one, they don't work, and you risk injuring yourself or getting in trouble.

What is healthier beer or your own urine?

Why would you want to know that????

How would a person know if they were dehydrated?

If your urine is cloudy,you are dehydrated.

How often do i have to clean the horses box?

It depends on your horse's urine and bowel movement pattern. You must check it's box at least every other day to know when to clean it.

When do you know that you had sufficient daily intake of water?

Since it will depend on your physical exertion, ambient air temp/humidity, as well as what you're drinking, the simplest manner to determine sufficient hydration is the color of your urine. Urine should be almost clear, just a slight yellow color. The darker the urine, the more dehydrated you are.

Do carrots eaten daily cause the urine to be soimetimes bright yellow?

As you may already know, beans change your urine to the slightest green, asparagus make your urine smell negative, and radishes make your urine pink! However, the big question is, what color does carrots make you urine? After a long discussion with my fellow coworker, we researched that carrots make your urine YELLOW :)

Is drinking female urine healthy?

Never tried it so wouldnt know if anyone out there has would like to know

Does niacin work to clean urine of Valium took 6 2mg for the first time an have a urine test in 10 days.i don't know if weight matters but im 120lbs?

Niacin will not work to clean urine of anything. But it doesn't matter in your case because one Valium tablet is going to be out of your system in three days no matter what you do, as long as you don't do any more Valium.

If you get urine on a dry clean only suit will a dry cleaner be able to get it out?

Yes, experienced dry cleaners are able to clean any number of messes or stains. You just have to let them know it is there, and they should be able to treat it.

What color would the world be if there were no colors?

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What do you do if your rat cant hold in her urine?

First, I would ask what you mean by "hold in her urine". It is normal for a rat to urinate while walking sometimes or when you are holding them. My rats won't urinate in the bedding where they sleep, but they urinate all over everywhere else. i know it can be messy, but I just clean out their cages once a week and it's not much of a problem.