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It means you are perfectly normal. It is normal for people to think about these things even when they are in a relationship. As long as you don't act on it, it will be fine. You might also want to make sure that you are satisfied in the relationship you are in. Sometimes if you are unhappy in your relationship you might dream or think seriously abot being with someone else.

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Q: What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone when you're in a relationship?
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What does it mean when youre In a relationship with someone but you don't talk?

Sorry, but you guys won't last

Is it okay if you flirt with two guys at once?

Yeah When Youre Single Yeah It's Okay But Not If Youre In a Relationship With Someone or Married too someone because it would be considered cheating then

What does it mean if you dream about a guy but then in your dream you start to live with them and you act like your married?

It means you want to settle down, or youre done with excitement for a while. It could mean that you want to be more serious with that person. It could also mean that youre very confident in your relationship.

What if you dream your boyfriend is vesting with your friend?

Dream that youre your friend!!!!!!!!

Who sings 'Shawty You A 10'?

The dream is the artist.and youre welcome The Dream

What is the difference between a relationship and dating?

if your dating youre not very close to him/her if youre in a realtionship than youre very close to him /her

What is the difference between dating and in a relationship?

if your dating youre not very close to him/her if youre in a realtionship than youre very close to him /her

What is the most intense level of kissing?

sticking youre tongue in each others mouth

Youre developing feelings for a guy despite that you are already seeing someone and even though this is most likely not the person for you youre not sure how should you go about this?

You have to take the time to sort your feelings out before you can be with anyone as you should not enter a relationship if you like someone else.

What if your boyfriend breaks up with you in a dream?

it has happened many times b4 and its sad. the next day, he'll call u n ull ask him what happend. he wont knw bt u will still remain wit ur bf!

What does a kiss taste like?

the person who youre kissing's mouth. lol

What does it mean if me and my partner both dreamed about killing someone last night?

It means youre feeling frustrated. Or maybe you want more freedom. Or maybe youre just curious about death. Just something like that isn't enough about the dream to interpret it.