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It could mean (depending on your age) that your subconscious mind maybe wants to marry this person? Or maybe that you're in love with them?

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Q: What does it mean when you dream about doves flying over me and my boyfriend while doves are passing by?
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What does it mean when 2 doves try to fly in a dream?

Doves tend to symbolize innocence or purity. In this dream they might represent children that are struggling to do something important. Flying suggests escape or success. The dream could refer to your children, or two children who are important to you. They might also represent a part of yourself, such as two efforts made at two separate times. Consider other elements in the dream such as its location, any objects in the dream other than the doves, and where you are in relation to the doves. Most importantly, consider any emotions experienced during the dream, as your feelings are key to the dream's meaning.

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When was Flying in a Blue Dream created?

Flying in a Blue Dream was created on 1989-10-30.

When was Flying in a Blue Dream - song - created?

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What does ot mean when you dream about yourself flying?

When you dream about yourself flying, it only means that you enjoyed your daytime.

What does it mean looking for your boyfriend in your dream but never find him?

what dose it mean when i dream im looking for my boyfriend in my dream but i never find him

What if you dream your boyfriend is vesting with your friend?

Dream that youre your friend!!!!!!!!

What if you dream of flying?

Flying dreams often represent freedom and/or the joy of success.

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend is a were wolf?

The dream suggests that you feel that your boyfriend has a negative or dangerous side to his personality. The dream is the product of your own imaginative intuition; it does not give you any sort of insight into your boyfriend's actual thoughts or feelings.

When your boyfriend cheats on you in a dream?

Are you physic?

What do it mean when your boyfriend dream bout fish?

That depends on your boyfriend's feelings about fish. The "fish" in the dream represent something, but that could be anything from a sporting vacation to an expression of the Christian faith. In general, a dream expresses the emotions, thoughts or memories of the dreamer, so your boyfriend's dream has to do with HIM and his feelings.

What does it mean when you dream your ex boyfriend cryin?

This dream suggests that the dreamer remains emotionally attached to the ex-boyfriend and is projecting her own emotional distress onto him. The dream does not reveal any accurate information about the ex-boyfriend's thoughts or feelings.