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It means they snort stuff like cocaine and are rubbing it in desire.

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Q: What does it mean when someone rubs their nose while you are talking to them?
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What does it mean when someone sniffs their nose while walking by you?

it means their trying 2 smell u

What does it mean when a person talking to you or you are talking to them rubbing pulling on there nose mean?

Check your deodorant.

What does it mean when someone is talking to you and they keep tapping you on the nose?

that they either want to annoy u or they r trying to talk to u

What does it mean if someone is looking at your mouth while you are talking?

Either you have something stuck in your teeth or the person is admiring your teeth or full lips. Every person has a preference to facial features such as the eyes mainly; nose or mouth.

What does it mean when somebody scratch his nose while answering a question?

His nose itches?

What does the name kareena mean?

someone with a flat nose

What does it mean when your nose is itching?

It means someone is thingking about you.

What does it mean when somebody touches their nose?

maybe it mean someone will have argument with you! .................................................................................................. It means the finger and nose came in contact with Each other.

What does it mean if someone says you have a preacher's nose?

Its long and Pointy.

What does the greek word mete mean?

If you're talking about this μύτη and pronounce me-teh then it means ''nose''

Can you kill someone by putting water in their nose while they are asleep?

Yes there is a possibility that you can kill someone by putting cold water down there nose if that person is a deep sleeper but if not there can not be possibility.

What does tingling in nostrils mean?

It means that someone is thinking about you...