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He likes u

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Q: What does it mean when a guy turns red around you?
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What does it mean when your value in a chart in excel turns red or has brackets around them?

The value is a negative number.

What does it mean when you see you guy and your heart pounds hard and your face turns red and your hands shake and your legs shake and you cant breath?


What does it mean when a guy turns red a little when he said that both of us are just friends when he said it to his other friends?

Turning red means that he is embarrassed. He probably does like you, but he does not want his friends to know it!

What does it mean when a boy turns red?

Could be embarrassment.

What does it mean when a Moon ring turns Red?

In love

How do you tell if a shy and quiet guy likes you?

If he looks at you and smiles before blushing and turning away, or turns red when your around him. Those are two good ways to tell that somethings up.

What does it mean when your friend says to the guy you like and says your name is hot right and he says why does it matter and turns red?

it means he really likes the girl that the friend is talking about -- hope this helped--

What does the idiom red as a beet mean?

This is a term used when someone turns red (blushes) because they are embarrassed.

Why is haemoglobin red?

haemoglobin is red because is carrys oxygen around our body when blood is in contact with oxygen it turns red same

What does it mean when you see your ex boyfriend and he turns red?

he wish he did not break up with you

What does it mean when your xbox 360 turns red?

it means somthing is not plugged in well

What does it mean when the oil light turns red?

When an oil light turns red it could mean one of two things, low oil or low oil pressure. Check the oil levels first to see if that is the cause.