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So guy troubles. dont worry about it its totes normal. guys dont worry about relationships that much. dont stress it. It doesnt mean hes not ur bf hes its a lil different with guys

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Q: What does it mean when a guy says sure when you ask them if you love them?
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If a man says you Mean a lot to him is that Love?

"You mean a lot to me" is not the same as "I love you." He might love you or he might just consider you a very good friend. You'll have to ask to be sure.

When a man says that you are his one love does it mean that he is in love with you?

If you have to ask then no he doesn't.

What does it mean when you ask a girl out and she says that she has a boyfriend when she really doesn't?

If you tell a girl that you love her and she says that it's a strong word what does that mean?

When a teacher says maybe what do they mean?

they normally mean yes. It could mean there not sure ..And they also mean ask someone else.

How do you know more about her?

Ask her. Women love to talk. Make sure you listen to what she says, though! Good luck!

Does it mean he loves you when he says he cares for you very deeply if its coming from a shy man?

no it does't always mean he likes you ask him about his feelings for you in private and if he asks if you like him first tell him the truth because it doesn't always mean that they love you because i said that to one of my mates and i didn't mean i love them you need to ask him just to make sure hope this helps.

What does it mean when a guy has to ask you a question but every time you confront him about it he says he has to go?

That means he is SOOO in love with you!!!

What if someone says i love you to you?

ask the 1 who says i love you twice..and make he swear about this..

What does it mean when a girl breaks up with you and when you ask if it is forever she says she is not sure?

She is keeping all her options open.

Can my boyfriend love me at the age fifteen?

its depends do you think your ready to love him? and if he says he "loves you" is he ready you should ask him because if you both are ready it could mean true love

What does it mean when your boyfriend asks you if you trust him and when you say yes you do and you love him he says you don't show that you trust him?

I would ask him what he means by that.

What does it mean when you ask a boy does he like you and he says he have feelings?

That means that he has feelings for you! Feelings like love, passion and things like that.