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Ignore him and stay away he's most likely out to use you. second answer; i agree with the first answer and you dont want someone that isnt faithful anyway as this behavior will most likely continue move on you can find bettr

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Q: What does it mean when a guy is in a relationship with someone yet he says he loves you should you believe or ignore him and stay away even though you liked him?
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If you start a relationship with someone over the net knowing they are with someone already would you consider that cheating?

i believe so.... a relationship should only be between two people...

Should you tell a girl how you feel if she is already in a relationship and people have given hints to her already but she either ignores them or does not believe them?

if someone is already in a relationship with someone else it is wrong to pursue them.

What should you do if someone constantly calling you fat?

If you don't believe you are fat, don't do anything and just ignore them. If it still bugs you, tell them or a parent or trusted friend. If you do thing you're fat, exercise and eat healthfully and just do your best to ignore them or tell someone.

Should a massage therapist work on someone they had a relationship with?

I firmly believe that he should . However there may be some emotional or legal concers but the oucome will depend on the treatment.

What should you do when someone calls you fat?

just ignore them, but if it starts to get hurtful and really bad, tell someone.

You just moved to a new state and you dont have many friends one of your five friends thinks you called someone and you told her it was not true she dosent believe you what should you do?

ignore it. you know what you did she doesn't

What should you do if someone you fancy tells everyone?

Ignore it alot of people have crushes.

Should you ignore cries for help from someone?

Idiots like to pull pranks

Is it discrimination to not hire somebody in a relationship?

I believe it is a discrimination to not hiring someone because of the way they do something or the way they are unless it is relevant to how it affects there work. If someone is simply in a relationship than I see no harm in what it would do to their career and if someone hasn't been hired because they are in a relationship then they should do something quick. :D Hope I helped.

Should you start a relationship with someone in jail?

starting a relationship with someone in jail is simply a stupid idea.

Been in a relationship online 2 years he says he is trying to get to me do i believe him?

NO, you should NOT believe him. NEVER ever ever believe someone online; you do not want to take the risk. The person with whom you're talking could be ANYONE in reality, including someone who would want to harm you.

Your ex husband says your husband is cheating on you with a co worker should you believe him?

you could believe him and ask about it or you could just ignore it!